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Apparently I process the most undesirable cards in the hobby


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Sep 9, 2011
On the heals of the monumental 2008 upper deck Yankees stadium legacy massive insert set, the company issued a Twentieth Anniversary 2500 card set the following season chronically important events in sports and world which occured since upper deck had been in business.

I have just recently picked up a huge lot of 400 different cards from this anniversary set and after checking recent ebay sales, notice there were very very few huge lots even listed on ebay.

So I started the 400 card lot at $150 or BO....And nothing.

Then I started lowering it....And lowering.....And lowering, each time with a best offer option.

And nothing.

So I dropped it to 79 with best offer option and again, no offers.

Now remember, these are not 1988 commons or even a lot of modern cards, these are 400 different insert cards from a massive set and includes TIGER, Kobe, Hall of Famers etc etc.

Funny thing is that I recently had a dealer who bought straight mass produced commons from me for $10 but CAN NOT sell these inserts which no one offers for sale.

Does no one collect these cards?

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Jan 2, 2013
It's not a set I am familiar with to tell the truth. Do they have any individual sales of over $1 a card?

Will Clark / Mike Brown Collector


Jan 19, 2010
Without digging deeper, I think that may be the set in which I hold an unredeemed card for a dual autograph #'d to 25 for SUPER HARD TO FIND Garvey and Cey autographs. UD couldn't seem to get two of the most widely available autograph signers to complete these cards! I think that set was poorly managed and I am not even sure how they were distributed, possibly only by dealers?

I decided to hold my redemption card unscratched, thinking it may be more of a novelty than had I scratched it for nothing. UD had years to get this card done and after several back and forth emails with CS reps, I was not convinced they would ever redeem the card anyway. To date, I have never seen one yet (nor another redemption card either) and the redemption has now long expired! It gave me painful reminders of sending in my redemption cards to Fleer and getting scab replacement cards years later after the bankruptcy was resolved. I would have rather had the unredeemed cards, as they at least are within the theme of my collecting interests, not some scrub basketball players who had 1-2 years in the NBA at best.


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Aug 7, 2008
Oahu, Hawaii
I think that because the complete set of 2,500 cards is much too large and overwhelming to attempt, the demand for lots is almost nonexistent. Even after buying your big 400 card lot, they'd still have an enormous 2,100 different cards to find.
Probably only player and team collectors buy those cards as singles and small groups.


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Apr 23, 2011
Warwick, RI
These don't sell for 18¢ each on Sportlots. Too many worthless non-sports subjects, unless someone is really hardcore into having five identical John Major cards. It's the insert version of UD Documentary. That being said, I collect several players in the set and do actively buy them very cheaply if I can find them.
I remember pulling these cards from packs and to me, they were just commons. They were actually an annoyance to pull, mostly because it was a multi-sport/event insert set and I only cared about collecting baseball...not history, basketball, golf, etc.

Before moving from AZ to SC I had to limit the amount of stuff I could bring, which means I had to toss a bunch of cards and back stock. I gave away any cards that people wanted on Blowout but the rest went to the dump. A decent sized stack of these (100 or so) were among those that were tossed.

You probably don't find many huge lots being sold because they are hardly worth the cost of shipping & supplies.


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Aug 7, 2008
hickory nc
two closed stores inventory , pick up some before the dumpster , I buy /bust boxes and trade .
All in 3200 counts by team 90% in alpha order . I sell some bulk and multi's of players . Some players I have 300 of .
I sell at local minor league stadium - 25 times a season , donate to local schools . Just retired so I have something to do other than keeping G/S's.
Monster boxes get heavy and won't fit in space I have = 3200 are stacked 20 high .
Add 400 game signed baseballs and 200 cracked bats
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Sep 9, 2011
Spoke to a customer of mine about these and how I can't even get an offer and he said that he MIGHT be interested in a trade if they don't sell.

But here's the hard part, what type of value do we put on this lot?

$40? $50? $75? A hot dog (minus mustard obviously)?

I am open to trading but want it to be fair.

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Jun 22, 2015
Vancouver WA
What I thought of this set at the time-

1. Its never fun getting non baseball in a baseball card break... even if someone likes all the sports in this set you probably don't like all the political people featured.
2. Wasn't a fan of the look... the logo size and crooked writing on the bottom doesn't go well with political/technology ones. Color changed on the sidebar usually mean rarity but it didn't here which is always disappointing when you open for the first time.
3. 1 in 2 packs means you will have too many, if a common is worth zero these days then these might be worth double zero. :p

Sorry... maybe he will set trade value at 25 or so.


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Jan 21, 2016
The best way to sell these (although tedious) may be to offer them as singles or a "You Choose" item on ebay, especially for the sports stars.

I have a handful of these. The only ones I had luck with was a few years back when there was a pretty good market for the Tiger Woods cards found in this set.


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Aug 7, 2008
So I would ask, did you list numbers or offer to upon request when you listed them? I've tried some pretty tricky sets before and it's easy to get turned off by the work it takes because people either want to gouge you or "don't have time" to send lists. If you're really putting the set together and were serious about it, you'll have a list and the last thing you want to do, particularly when you're a good way through, is buy a big lot blind.

I started the yankee stadium legacy set and the Documentary set. I have almost half of the documentary set and 800 of the YSL set. The YSL was too expensive to finish(wasn't into paying $1 or more a card) and the Documentary set...well...I just sat down one day and asked myself "why". Like there was no real reason to finish it because when I thought about it, there was no significance. A random year with nothing exceptional that happened. I think the only reason to even be somewhat interested is because of the "tough" factor. But almost a decade later, nobody is going to fall over when you tell them you finished it. Well, I would but that's because I can appreciate what a pain it must have been. But it's not like collecting a full 93 finest refractor set or a full set of Crusades. I feel like you should collect what you want but if you have to put that type of effort in, you want people's jaws to drop. Not have them ask you, "what is that" when you show them because they can't even remember what it is.

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