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Are you worried if you have BBCE boxes now?

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Jan 19, 2010
I have not dived into it a lot, but I think I heard they were admittedly inexperienced with Magic/Pokemon stuff. You'd think that if you were inspecting sealed cardboard boxes and were an expert, you'd know what to look for to expose fraud. Since I don't know what that would be outside of the obvious, I can't say if there is a difference between baseball cards and this stuff or if we should be concerned. I don't deal in that kind of stuff, so i could care less.

Perception can affect your reputation, even if there is no basis. As it is said, "perception is reality".


Active member
Sep 16, 2015
I have a couple dozen wax and rack boxes sealed by Steve. Not one ounce
of worry. All good with me.


Active member
Jan 11, 2013
Lol, nope! I looked at an 85 topps box from them once, was WAY too much $ in my opinion, so I passed.

I dont trust them as "the experts" anymore than I trust PSA, who recently graded the fake 1915 Cracker Jack Connie Mack after the submitter wrote right on the sub form that he thought it might be fake as "experts". Gpogle it, it's on another forum. It's a REALLY sad story of incompetence. So I don't buy from either, and I have nothing to worry about . Remember, every company in the country cant find good help for the last couple years, rookies are in every job now, quality is bound to be diminished.

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