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As expected, Nats fans boo'd Harper tonight


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Aug 7, 2008
Fredericksburg, VA
I was disappointed in them even though I expected it. But with as much as DC fans in general ***** about Philly fans, I was really hoping they'd take the high road.

Sure it sucks he went to a division rival but I'm of the belief that it should make the fans support their teams that much more to remind him of what he left.

Bryce Harper 0-2 2Ks vs Scherzer so far tonight. ;)

Sucks Turner likely broke his finger.

So this guy who usually dresses as captain obvious decided on something different tonight.


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Nov 3, 2014
Division opponent with a player your favorite team built around, I'd boo too. I honestly think the Nats will be better without him and the Phillies better with him but you have got to show the team you support that you are behind the nine guys on the field. There were a lot of Phillies/Harper fans in the stands, home team fans have got to hold it down in their house. That's my take. The loss of T. Turner is going to hurt for sure but they have the depth to overcome that until he returns. I'm looking forward to Robles getting moved up in the order.

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