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Blowout cards black friday pathetic again


Jul 2, 2014
This black friday sale is the worst i've ever seen wow. The only decent deal was the 2017 optic mega football boxes. At least last year they had good deals on heritage baseball, you think they'd do at least one decent deal with 2019 bowman chrome, bowman, sapphire, or series 2 but they are exclusively doing garbage. When you are the biggest company by far there is no excuse not to have at least one competitive deal. Last year atlanta sports cards destroyed them on the 2018 update cases, and this year steel city collectibles is destroying them on everything. First time in probably 10 years I haven't bought one thing from them on black friday.


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Oct 6, 2014
Modesto, CA
Cards are selling like crazy right now. What on earth would be their motivation to have a crazy sell. You see their box breaks area? Everything is getting busted all the time. Heritage minors at 40 is good with a chance at a Wander. Was going to pick it up but my LCS owner said he’d match so I might swing by today

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Nov 4, 2009
I purchased box of Topps Heritage Minors from BC. I was expecting DaCardWorld for decent deals but haven't seen anything I'm looking for


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Jan 28, 2018
Devil's advocate:
If they have a ton of warehouse space, it may be in their interest to not run crazy sales and sell their unopened product for very little profit. Let the product sell at their normal profit margin and what doesn't move now, hold on to with the hope that the next superstar will emerge...then sell it for a much higher price.


Jan 19, 2010
I was going to mention a video I saw about Blowout, but I think it was actually Dave & Adams retail location. If I recall, it was enormous. It almost seemed too big for what they had out.

I have to wonder how often you'd come out a winner by buying the new product and just holding it. I don't buy boxes or even packs these days, so have no clue how many products heat up vs sit stale after initial release. I imagine some types of cards or brands always do well, where others might be a gamble each year. I have witnessed certain players or products heating up fast when a player breaks out though, so it just seems like if you had the space and capital, holding onto stuff for a while would be a good move. Redemptions, cards sticking together or a complete collapse of the card market are real concerns when holding $1000's of unopened product though.

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