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FS bowman chrome auto's Jose Fernandez 1/1 Canary included


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Oct 5, 2010
2011 bowman chrome rymer liriano blue auto bgs9.5/10 $100
2011 bowman chrome rymer liriano red auto bgs9.5/10 $475
2011 Bowman chrome Trevor Bauer auto bgs9.5/10 $110 ea (x3)
2011 bowman chrome Trevor Bauer auto bgs10/10 $275
2011 bowman chrome bundy auto $75 (x2)
2011 bowman aflac auto Bundy auto $145 (x2)
2011 bowman chrome Bauer auto $50 (x3)
2011 bowman chrome USA cecchini xfractor auto $23 (x2)
2011 harper green bowman chrome xfractor bgs9.5 $55
2010 bowman chrome strasburg blue refractor auto $375
2008 bowman chrome lonnie chisenhall bowman chrome red refractor auto bgs9/10 $350
2011 bowman chrome jose fernandez canary refractor 1/1 $500 (obo) card has slight crease that shows on the back side only of the card it occurs in the middle of the card left to right and only goes down about .75" please see scan for representation
Image (3).jpgImage.jpg

more will be added


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