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boy oh boy do the Cubs SUCK.


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Jun 20, 2010
Sunny Florida
Last night they blow a 5-1 lead in the ninth. Tonight they were winning 2-1 in the ninth. Madden changes pitchers with one on and one out. The next pitcher walks 2 hitters gets an out then walks in the tying run, goes 3 and 2 to the next hitter. Throws a pitch down the middle. Base hit game over. He should have been pulled after loading the bases. I just can not take it anymore. I bet there were 100,000 people watching the game SCREAMING at the TV to pull the pitcher. But NOOOOOOO. Another road loss. The players need to pull their heads out of their as s.


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Aug 7, 2008
Oahu, Hawaii
The Cubs suck? Sure, on the road they're bad, but only three teams in the entire National League have more wins than the Cubs and they're just a game out of first place.
You Cubs fans have become so spoiled since they won the World Series, while most other teams' fans suffer much worse than you do.

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