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can anyone help me with this code


Well-known member
Sep 30, 2009
Marlton NJ
I got a code I need to do and I just cant figure it out. I tried wwv, or vvw, vwvv,vww what do you think it is???


Well-known member
Oct 31, 2010
Did you try V V V W?

Based on the spacing I doubt that's right as well, but that's all I can think of that hasn't been posted


Jan 19, 2010
Those suck! I had a TriStar code that I scratched, entered correctly, was not expired, but still did not work. I emailed them and they made it right. I would definitely consider that option.

The spacing of the opening at top of the first "v" is wider, so it has to be "V". that makes the next two "W". Maybe there is another character you are messing up? I used to do those coke codes and 5/s and o/0 were always a pain in the ass to determine. It also can't hurt to try V V V V V as well, but I doubt that is it.

Is it possible too that the code period has expired or the code was already redeemed as well?

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