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Can anyone hit .400 this year?


Jan 19, 2010
If it even counted in the record books, and that is a big IF, it should have a giant ( * ) next to it for eternity. We are not talking 154 games vs 162 here. What if they not only hit .400, but establish the highest batting average ever? Should they been the all time single season batting champ?

Brings up more thinking points too, such as does a gold glove or batting crown itself rather mean the same thing in a season less than 1/3 of any other in history? What if someone were to win a triple crown? Should that count like the ones from a full season? Does a Cy Young award for a 6-7 game winner actually mean anything?


Featured Contributor, The best players in history?
Aug 7, 2008
A counterpoint here is someone like Jacob DeGrom. He has 2 Cy Young awards in a row. In a season like this, he will have a harder time winning, since in a short season it's more likely that someone gets hot and has a ridiculous start even if they aren't great.

He had a chance to do something incredibly rare and win his 3rd Cy Young Award in a row, but that seems very unlikely this year.

For some reason even if he wins in 2021 (hoping there's a full season in 2021), even if people don't view 2020 as a "real" season, I think think anyone will view him as maintaining a streak of wins. (I certainly won't though I'll be bummed by it)

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