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Cards you have no idea are worth money


Aug 30, 2011
A cautionary tale about responding to threads like this one.

When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it would be cool to point out a relatively unknown rarity of a player that basically nobody else collects. So on October 21, I tell everyone here about the Darryl Kile 2002 Topps Gold card. Just under a month later, one of them pops up. Had I not mentioned it, I would have been the first to see it and I would have added it for $3. Instead, I mentioned it here and Spmjm, a member that has six freaking posts here, purchases it. He relists it for $10.

Mind you, I basically am the Darryl Kile market and most 2002 Topps Gold set collectors abandoned it long ago. So while the card is RARE, that does not necessarily make it VALUABLE.

I pass on the card for $10, because this guy basically used my knowledge to try and make money off of me and it didn't sit right. I would love to add the card to my collection, yes, but I it sat wrong with me that he bought the card to try and sell it directly to me. Should be the end of the story, right? Of course not. Two days ago I get a message that if I want it, I'll have to pay what it is worth, with a link to this eBay auction.

Now they want me to pay $150 if I want to add this card to my collection.

Do not misunderstand. I am an adult and I just closed the tab and said, "Good luck." But it is a sobering reminder that sharing information with the community can be used against you. I am not angry at this dude for trying to make money. He is going to sit on that card for a very long time at that price point. Just a warning that before you point out that something is rare, there are people like this out there.
Pretty sure I seen this looking through my boxes. I will look again and if I did see it I will sell you it for the price of shipping. Though it could have been in one of the boxes I left in Virginia Beach as well and no clue when I will be going back there.

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