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Certified Autographs, who is MIA?


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Aug 7, 2008
Laguna Niguel, CA
I have the same Mendoza because I was also collecting early Mariner autos. They have been extremely under represented so far in that area, although they were a terrible team for so many years. Most of the M's autos are post Griffey era. I am not sure off the top of my head who all has certified autos in a Mariner uniform for pre 1987 players, but I do recall Mendoza, Harold Reynolds & Gaylord Perry for sure. If you could the buyback cards, there are probably a few more, like Mark Langston.

For me, I would like to see so many more like Dan Meyer, Ruppert Jones, Bruce Bochte, Richie Zisk, Rick Honeycutt, Phil Bradley, Shane Rawley, Mike Moore, Matt Young, Alvin Davis, Julio Cruz, Craig Reynolds and others. Some may already have them though and I am just not aware.
Here's an Alvin Davis I have..

alvin-davis.jpg alvin-davis-b.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
Archives/Fan Favorites, Heritage and Recollections have been great for some of the more obscure or overlooked players, not to mention the Leaf Signature sets of the 90s. No matter how crazy someone is for Alvin Davis or Darrell Griffith, the large majority of collectors will scream bloody murder when unearthing their "hit" only to find out it's a guy like that as opposed to a Trout, Judge or similar star.


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