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Clippers broadcasters suspended for comments


New member
Sep 26, 2008
Sin City
The broadcasters for the LA Clippers on Fox Sportswest were suspended for comments made about Hamed Haddadi. Looking at the transcript of what was said it isn't much. When are people going to stop being little bitches about everything? And Fox should tell the one person who took issue over relatively nothing to go F themselves. Just another reason this country is going to the crapper.


New member
Aug 7, 2008
I see nothing wrong with what they said. Just a little light humor, that's it.

This would be a funny instance:

Commentator #1: Haddadi is signaling for a timeout?

Commentator #2: What's he doing?

#1: He's walking towards the bench. And getting a....

#2: What's is that? A rug?

#1: He's laying a rug out on court?

#2: Where's he going to go? This isn't an open roof.

#1: What are you talking about? He's bowing East in prayer.

#2: Oh....I thought it was a Magic Carpet.

#1: ::smacks #2 upside the head::