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Jan 19, 2010
I created a facebook page with the intention of having it be for sharing of discussions, info and such about cards. I had joined several different existing groups that were growing fairly large, but I found the same thing across all of them. They were loaded with idiots! There seems to be A LOT of people who didn't collect at all or a long time before Covid hit, that wandered back in and are helping to cause a ridiculous trend. Most of it is money driven. anyway, my goal was to just start a spot where people could show off cards, talk about or ask questions and not transact. I was tired of the constant "Should I get this graded?", "How much are these worth?" and similar questions from newbies, clearly looking at a way to earn money flipping cards, but having no knowledge at all to work with.

I say this because I just assumed the broup name would come up on searches and I'd see some people asking to join (it is a private group). However, unless it is hidden from people unless i invite them, and I don't think it is, nobody has joined in several weeks. I am not recruiting, just thought it was weird that not one single person would have asked to join. i swear I get a few every couple of weeks for a Submarine group I created that was specific to the submarine I served on and for people who served or their family ONLY. Yet, I get these people who are clearly not affiliated with the Navy, my boat or anything remotely close asking to join!?

Good luck with your site. Not sure how these sites/groups grow, other than through word of mouth and grass roots marketing efforts, neither of which I am promoting right now.


New member
Nov 30, 2021
It's cool that you started your YouTube channel. This is a great platform for those who have their own hobby. Maybe unpacking cards isn't a super hype thing. The main thing is that you like it and there is a small but interested number of people in this topic. To be honest, a hobby isn't a hobby when there are absolutely no people to share it with. Recognition from other people gives us people a lot of positive emotions, we are social creatures, after all. Maybe if you want to expand your channel in the future, check out Influencer Marketing 1394ta.org.

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