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Contest - BGS Order


New member
Aug 8, 2008
Mountain View, CA
Hi everyone - I thought I'd have fun with this. I submitted a 222 card order to BGS, and the person who is closest without going over the actual number of cards that come back 9.5 or better will win one of the 2015 Bowman Draft Prospect Autos BGS 9.5 or not of their choice (Ebay value $30 or less).

This is a min grade order, so that means that only cards that are 9.5 or better will be slabbed.

QtyYearSet NameCard #Card Player NameSerial NumberedAuto
12015Bowman Chrome Purple RefractorBCAP-JWJoe Wendle26/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCAR-JMJames McCann50/499Yes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-CGCasey Gillaspie379/499Yes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-GWGarrett WhitleyYes
22015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-TCTrent ClarkYes
22015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-NWNolan WatsonYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-PBPhil BickfordYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-MSMichael SorokaYes
22015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-BRBrendan RodgersYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-RMORyan MountcastleYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-TJTyler JayYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-KAKolby AllardYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-WBWalker BuehlerYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-TSTyler StephensonYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-NNNick NeidertYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-NKNathan KirbyYes
22015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-CPCody PonceYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-BLBrett LilekYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-PLPeter LambertYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-MMMichael MatuellaYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-MWOMax WotellYes
12015Bowman Chrome RefractorBCA-JKJames KaprielianYes
12015BowmanUAA-8Mitchell Hansen142/225Yes
12015BowmanUAA-4Dazmon Cameron188/225Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-JDJeff Degano38/99Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-KTKyle Tucker86/99Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Gold RefractorBCA-NKNathan Kirby50/50Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-CBChris Betts221/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-ASWAustin Smith9/99Yes
22015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-AYAlex Young241/250, 44/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-JHIJuan Hillma140/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Gold RefractorBCA-JWJake Woodford50/50Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-ARAshe Russell143/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-CPCody Ponce31/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Orange RefractorBCA-RMORyan Mountcastle19/25Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-TEThomas Eschelman74/99Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-LHLucas Herbert21/99Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Red RefractorBCA-DSDansby Swanson1/5Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Gold RefractorBCA-CPCody Ponce48/50Yes
22015Bowman Chrome Purple RefractorBCAP-WDWilmer Difo164/250, 223/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Blue RefractorBCAP-ISIsael Soto78/150Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Blue RefractorBCAP-VCVictor Caratini115/150Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Blue RefractorBCAP-MYMike Yastazemski144/150Yes
32015Bowman Chrome Purple RefractorBCAP-MYMike Yastazemski150/250, 200/250, 155/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Blue RefractorBCAP-WDWilmer Difo74/150Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Orange RefractorBCAP-GGGrayson Greiner13/25Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-SKScott Kingery125/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-NPNick Plummer216/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-RMORyan Mountcastle91/99Yes
22015Bowman Chrome Draft Gold RefractorBCA-RMRichie Martin38/50, 34, 50Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-BRBrendan Rodgers234/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Green RefractorBCAP-JCJake Cave73/99Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Blue RefractorBCAP-CSCasey Soltis104/150Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-KHKyle Holder80/99Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-JNJacob Nix120/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-DSDansby Swanson164/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-JNJacob Nix14/99Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-KTKyle Tucker67/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Blue RefractorBCAP-JWJoe Wendle100/150Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-CSChris Shaw81/99Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-TCTrent Clark64/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-RMRichie Martin220/250Yes
22015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-MWOMax Wotell212/250, 5/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Purple RefractorBCA-DSDJ Stewart207/250Yes
22015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-TMTate Matheny5/99, 34/99Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Orange RefractorBCA-KAKolby Allard12/25Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Orange RefractorBCA-DTDillon Tate14/25Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Green RefractorBCA-NWNolan Watson75/99Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Draft Gold RefractorBCA-NWNolan Watson8/50Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Purple RefractorBCAP-WAWilly Adames52/250Yes
12015Bowman Chrome Purple RefractorBCAP-MSMallex Smith169/250Yes
52015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-DSDansby SwansonYes
42015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-IHIan HappYes
32015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-KHKe-Bryan HayesYes
52015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-KTKyle TuckerYes
42015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-ABAndrew BenintendiYes
52015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-TWTyler WardYes
22015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-NPNick PlummerYes
22015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-ARAustin RileyYes
22015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-TNTyler NevinYes
22015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-JKJames KaprielianYes
12015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-JNJosh NaylorYes
42015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-PBPhil BickfordYes
82015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-TCTrent ClarkYes
22015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-BRBrendan RodgersYes
42015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-KAKolby AllardYes
52015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-TJTyler JayYes
32015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-DTDillon TateYes
32015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-KNKevin NewmanYes
12015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-CFCarson FulmerYes
62015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-TSTyler StephensonYes
22015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-RMRichie MartinYes
52015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-GWGarrett WhitleyYes
72015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-CSChris ShawYes
12015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-RMORyan MountcastleYes
12015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-DSDJ StewartYes
12015Bowman Chrome DraftBCA-DDDonnie DeweesYes
62015Bowman ChromeBCAP-MSMallex SmithYes
12015Bowman ChromeBCAP-WAWilly AdamesYes
12015Bowman ChromeBCAP-CGCasey GillaspieYes
32015Bowman ChromeBCAP-BBBobby BradleyYes
22015Bowman ChromeBCAP-CBCody BellingerYes
32015Bowman ChromeBCAP-WGWilkerman GarciaYes
22015Bowman ChromeBCAP-GLGilbert LaraYes
12015Leaf Metal DraftBA-YM1Yoan MoncadaYes
12015/16Contenders Draft Picks Playoff Ticket112D'Angelo Russell5/15Yes
12015/16Contenders Draft Picks112D'Angelo RussellYes
12015/16Contenders Draft Picks Playoff Ticket101Aaron Harrison23/99Yes
12015Star Wars High Tek6Deep Roy as Yoda73/75Yes
12015Star Wars High Tek42Ray Park as Darth Maul32/50Yes
12015Star Wars High Tek106John Boyega as Finn46/50Yes
42015Bowman ChromeBCAR-JMJames McCannBaseYes
12015Bowman ChromeBCAR-JMJames McCann75/99Yes
12015Bowman ChromeBCAP-WAWilly Adames65/499Yes
32015-16Series 1201Connor McDavidBaseNo
42015-16Series 1204Max DomiBaseNo
72015-16Series 1228Dylan LarkinBaseNo
22015-16Series 1C112Dylan LarkinCanvasNo
22015-16Series 1C99Mattias JanmarkCanvasNo
22015-16Series 1C108Artemi PanarinCanvasNo
12015-16Series 1C101Sam BennettCanvasNo


Aug 8, 2008
164, and as a tie breaker one of the cards will be "irregular size or trimmed" just because they do this.

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