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Custom Decals for Sale - For Car Windows, Laptops, Etc.


New member
Aug 7, 2008
I have access to a paper cutting machine and I have used it to make a few decals with it. I just wanted to see if anybody would be interested if I were to make them. You can use them on Laptops, Systems, Car Windows, etc. I can make them up to about 12" wide and / or about 12" long. I don't have any set decals. I use a program to convert images into decals. The less details / small cuts in the image, the better it will look. **If you're interested in one, let me know what you are looking for, which vinyl style you want, decal type you want, and the size. and I will give you a price,**

**Pricing will be $1 per inch based on the largest dimension and detail of the decal. Minimum size is 2" - 3" depending on the design. Shipping will be in an envelope without a Delivery Confirmation number to save on shipping costs. If you want a DC Number, it will be $1 extra.**

Right now, I have access to 5 Colors - White / Black / Red / Metallic Silver / Metallic Gold


The decal will come to you with a top layer covering the top. You use a credit card to rub over the top to transfer the decal. Then, you just peel back the top layer with the decal attached. Place the decal on the surface you want it on and rub the top with your credit card to transfer. Then you roll back the top layer leaving the decal. There may be some residue on top of the decal from the rubbing, but it will come off with a cleaner like Goo Gone.

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