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Did the cubs cave or what.


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Jun 20, 2010
Sunny Florida
Awful, just awful. Rizzo to the Yanks, Bryant to the Giants, Baez to the Mets and Craig Kimbrel to the White Sox ! For a bunch of nobody's.
I hope the fans start selling off their tickets or just stop going to the games. Who's the moron in charge Jed Hoyer? Pull your head out of your ass. They could not even keep one of them. And that is the worse sell off in the history of the game.


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Dec 12, 2012
I couldn’t disagree more. They tried for years to sign Rizzo, Baez, and Bryant to long term contracts to keep them. Hoyer had to make some of the hardest business decisions of his career…do I keep the faces of the franchise and just get a comp pick in next years draft, or trade them and at least get something in return. Far too often do teams just let people walk and not get anything in return. It sucks but is what’s best for the long term to get back to winning as soon as possible.

I actually think they did very well in what they got in return for a bunch of rentals. Pretty clear it wasn’t a salary dump since they sent money (and in Rizzos case, paid his full salary) along with so they could get better prospects in return.

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Nov 21, 2008
I follow prospects pretty closely and am excited about a few of the pieces we got back.

Tough choices for sure. I'm as nostalgic as anyone about this team but I'm not sure I hamstring the payroll with 3 players making a collective $500-700m... and we still wouldn't have enough pitching.

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