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Fast and Swifty Its Nifty Fifty! Night Crew Ep. 50


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Aug 8, 2008
Eastern North Carolina
Work is killing me. I never realized that retail can be so damn demanding to the point where every bone in my body hurts. I'm just glad that I can pop on here fairly often and get away from all the BS that goes on. Alot has been on my mind this week. From the NFL/Anthem crap to hurricanes, I've had alot to ponder. Just some random ramblings.....

I have always been taught to stand for the National Anthem. You remove your lid, address the flag, and cover your heart. Its been simple for all 37 years of my existence. If you want to protest your cause or show your feelings, why not just start a blog or make a youtube video with fireworks strapped to your ass showing your thoughts. We don't have to rewrite history folks. Give respect where it is due. Kneeling or laying down or even flopping like a fish when the anthem is playing is not going to get us anywhere. Work with community leaders. Ride along with the cops. Get out and unite the people from different neighborhoods by holding a cookout or or public event. Just please get up off that knee and do the right thing and give the credit where it is due.

Aaron Judge hit 50 homers. I'm glad for the kid. Maybe he can now get ready for the postseason with a little less stress knowing he broke the record. It has been a fun season to watch him play.

Please continue to think about all of those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Maria grazed our coast and the weather stayed decent but I'm still keeping everyone that was hit directly in my thoughts. Bad bad stuff in Puerto Rico and other places.

RIP Hugh Hefner.

This may be a two nighter due to it being our 50th Night Crew thread. Lets celebrate and check in!

Super Mario

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Mar 1, 2009
Mushroom Kingdom
Damn buddy!! You ok????

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Yeah, we’re good. It was just me and my 4 month old. Guy said he fell asleep and crossed the center line and hit us right in her door.

It was in a 20mph school zone. He had to be going 45-50. He was given multiple citations, but had insurance thankfully.

I saw him coming. He hit the truck that was in front of me too. I was almost completely off the highway doing my best to avoid it when he hit me, and got smashed into a Utility pole that cracked in half.

My car has to be totaled. The entire rear end will have to be replaced if not.

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Super Mario

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Mar 1, 2009
Mushroom Kingdom
I don’t know if it’s because of the accident, but our 4 month old hasn’t really had an appetite since, and has been vomiting frequently.

We took her to the ER this morning and they said she was fine.

We’re hoping it’s just a stomach bug.

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