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few random iems on the way to ebay...acuna , alonso , betts , robert , torres , trout

Jun 17, 2009
Gamecock Country
been digging through some PC stuff in storage hoping to find a few items i can move quickly to help finish paying for my move...starting out with mostly some red hot basketball , but also came across a few baseball...i plan to post some of the bigger and better items on ebay this weekend , but i need to move these very quickly so for now will be fielding offers until i get everything organized , scanned , and ready to move over to ebay ...if you see anything you can use , let me know and keep checking back for the upcoming items...

most of these are fairly hot items with rapidly changing values , so i've done tons of research the past 2 weeks across ebay , comc , facebook , and sortsof.com to come up with typical current prices on these...the prices posted are my off-ebay asking prices which are generally 10-20% below my ebay BIN/BO auto-accept prices since selling here would mean no ebay fees

shipping will be 2.50 via bubble mailer with a minimum order of 2.50 but anything OVER 10.00 and i will ship for free...

items in red are sold with payment/delivery pending

2018 topps update us43 ronald acuna w/ ozzie albies 3.00
2018 topps update us43 ronald acuna w/ ozzie albies 3.00
2018 topps update rookie debut subset us252 ronald acuna 2.50
2019 topps update acuna highlights ra8 ronald acuna 2.00
2019 topps update acuna highlights ra15 ronald acuna 2.00
2019 topps 475 rc pete alonso 12.00
2014 bowman prospects bp109 mookie betts 5.00
2014 bowman chrome prospects bcp109 mookie betts 10.00
2018 bowman chrome hashtag trending refractors #bb bo bichette 1.00
2014 bowman chrome prospects bcp73 jacob degrom 6.00
1992 classic four sport 231 derek jeter 3.00
2017 bowman chrome prospects bcp50 eloy jimenez 1.00
2017 bowman platinum 91 rc aaron judge 5.00
2017 bowman prospects bp2 gavin lux 1.00
2017 bowman chrome prospects bcp2 gavin lux 2.50
2018 bowman prospects bp21 luis robert 5.00
2018 bowman chrome prospects bcp21 luis robert 30.00
2019 topps home run challenge hrc35 juan soto 2.50
2015 topps update tape measure blasts tmb5 mike trout 2.50
2018 topps update us158 w/ shohei ohtani & justin upton mike trout 1.00
2019 topps franchise feats ff3 mike trout 2.50
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Jun 17, 2009
Gamecock Country
Put me down for the Gleyber. Still interested in other things you might post too.

you are second in line on the gleybers....i had this posted on one other site and they were requested at 730 this morning about an hour and half before you...i will give both of you my prices as singles or as a lot and if he passes you have next option on them....sound fair ?

2018 topps update us99 gleyber torres 4.00 - 2.50
2018 topps update rookie debut subset us191 gleyber torres 4.00 - 2.50
2018 topps update us200 gleyber torres 15.00 - 15.00

or all 3 for 17.50 dlvdvia bubble mailer...
Jun 17, 2009
Gamecock Country
@gamecockfanatic I'll do all 3 for $17.50 if the other deal falls through.
he just paid for those 3 plus an acuna.....

im going back to the new house to do some more organizing and searching for more stuff to sell tuesday ..based on what i saw thursday , i think i have enough gleybers left in storage there to do another lot of those same 3...will let you know when i get back here that evening

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