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WTTF Football Five And Under


May 3, 2013
Football season is finally here! And I have been trying to kill off these sets for too many seasons already:). Any help would be appreciated to put these sets on the critical list or kill them off entirely. It goes without saying I will do my best to send something of equal (at minimum) value back to your side of the field. If you want, e-mail direct at [email protected] Thanks for looking.

God Bless - Billy Keenan


1979 FLEER TEAM ACTION FOOTBALL (STARTED 1/7/15) EX-Mint only please - 26, 42, 44, 45

1979 TOPPS FOOTBALL (STARTED 4/11/09) EX-Mint only please – 407, 450

1981 TOPPS FOOTBALL (STARTED 3/30/09) Mint only please – 138

1997 SCORE HOBBY RESERVE FOOTBALL (STARTED 5/19/13) – 25, 37, 53

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