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Fs priced cheap need money for health insurance payment

Jun 17, 2009
Gamecock Country
Yea, your at "work" alright you Thief!!

seeing his pay pal address here ( [email protected] ) is at least similar to the ebay id he used ( phisch-7939) ...

really i think other than the prices being way too low , the biggest tells have been the quality and complete randomness of the pics/scans and their backgrounds...also , once you started questioning him HERE , he stopped responding and opened the bench account...once questioned there , he disappeared there and listed 4 of "his" items on ebay....

now i could be wrong and he may really have all these cards in his possession buti really do have that funny feeling that even if they are with him , they are probably not HIS...
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Oct 25, 2012
My thoughts exactly or at least some kind of feedback or transactions to offer up from other boards.

Nothing personal but if I had a nickel going back to the old boards for threads that started out saying "I need the money for ________," especially those that have just signed on as a newbie...well let's just say I'd be playing it a little cautious.
I hope it works out for everyone, but I'm certainly suspicious. This sure has a lot of the hallmarks of a potential scam.

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