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Getting my daughter into collecting


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Aug 7, 2008
Hello all. Checking back in after a few years (or maybe 1 year, I honestly can't tell time anymore). Glad this place is still up and running.

Anyway, I'm posting here to get some advice from guys or gals who have had their kids take up the hobby. My daughter recently discovered my old collection and was given a box of cards on father's day by the local card shop guy, so she's been pulling stuff out and organizing stuff and putting stuff back in binders, etc. We just went to the Brewer game on Sunday and I bought her her first pack of Topps (yes, I know, I bought a pack at the team store; I hate money).

She's not too involved in who the actual players are, and she glommed onto Yount because he is my favorite. She also mentioned Lebron, simply because it's probably the only athlete non-sports kids know universally. But really, she just likes looking at the cards and asking me questions; she's 8 after all.

I would love to get her a box of junk wax to open; something from the last 2 decades, so she can get parallels and refractors and stuff like that. So any suggestions/leads on that front would be great. I'm a little hesitant to drop $100 on a box of something that she might not yet take proper care of (although, modern chrome cards are basically indestructible).

Lastly, I'm looking for any good stories or experiences that people have had getting their kids into the hobby.


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Oct 28, 2021
Oh man, literally the other day my kid fell hard into it! He always helped me open packs and stuff but all of a sudden he wanted his own cards to keep in his room and he was sorting them and going through them. It was funny, my wife and I couldn’t figure out what happened, but he seriously fell into it hard. My wife made goody bags for his little league team and bought a box of opening day and put a pack in each bag, and my son and I got the rest…well, he did. He really liked them and loved the mascot cards and stuff. And it wasn’t very expensive. Maybe that would be a good start.

Btw, glad to see you back.

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