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Goodbye Rusty Staub......


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I searched the forum and didn't see any mention of the passing of Expo and Met great as well as incredible humanitarian Rusty Staub. I apologize if I have missed the mention of his passing here but just in case.......

I wrote this on another board but wanted to express my sentiments about the man here as well.

I have mentioned before that I had the incredible opportunity to work for the Chicago Cubs for seven years with the first four of those years being in the security division starting in 1982. My responsibility was to be the supervisor of security for the concourse, field and clubhouse areas which meant I had to ensure the both home and visitor players were safe from the time they entered the ball park to the time they left. The first time I met Rusty Staub I was shocked when he stuck out his hand, introduced himself as he came off of the team bus and asked my name. Of course I knew who he was as I had collected his baseball cards and watched him on the game of the week many times but it was shocking to have someone like him be so forward and act like the lowly security guy was on the same level as he was. From that point on, whenever he would see me he would call me by name and ask how I was doing. On the last day of the teams last visit to Wrigley Field for the season he would be sure to shake my hand, wish me a great off season and let me know he would see me next year. For someone who was used to ball players "big leaguing" me, Mr. Staub was an incredible change of pace and quite honestly, someone I looked forward to seeing when the Mets came to town....which if you knew the Mets from that era you knew that was saying something.

I had always wanted to write him and thank him for his incredible kindness but always knew I would have time to do so. Hearing a few weeks ago that he was ill made me incredibly sad and hearing of his death brought me nearly to tears. One of the good ones has left us and baseball will now be a much sadder place without Rusty Staub to make it special.

If you are unsure who he was or what he did....take a look at this article. He was a greater person than he was a ball player and he was an incredible ball player.



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Apr 6, 2010
The Poconos
It was mentioned in a Morning thread, and the Mets thread, but not as in depth as here. Well written (as always) and a fitting monument to an amazing man. Unfortunately, this is all I have for Rusty, will one day have to add an autographed card for the collection.


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