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Griffey Collector's Thread


New member
Feb 25, 2018
Can I interrupt for a minute?

I don't collect or follow Griffey.
Looking for MLB Logos.

Griffey's MLB Logo Cards existing?
If so, Anyone have a Griffey MLB Logo Card they would be willing to move?
I'd be interested in purchasing.

Thanks for sharing.


Jan 3, 2011
I'm a big video game collector but figured Griffey fans would appreciate this. This was given to a select handful of people associated with designing the original SNES Ken Griffey MLB game. I got it from a former Nintendo executive and he said no more than 15-20 of them could have been made, if that. It's a cool promo piece by itself but the Griffey signature really makes it special too!

Nice and bold, done in ballpoint ink as opposed to sharpie. Looks great in hand.


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