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Help with autos and maybe a value

I won this from Topps this year in that Power Players Football Contest they had. Only 32 random footballs were given out ( among other prizes). No two footballs were the same.
Here's something that really didn't surprise me though. They provided no list of rookies that signed the ball, no COA, nothing. Just threw the damn ball in a box with some newspaper and mailed it. I emailed them but never received a reply.

The autographs I recognize are:
Khalil Mack
Terrance West
AJ McCarron
Teddy Bridgewater
Jordan Matthews
Jimmy Garoppolo
Blake Bortles OR Kelvin Benjamin
Allen Robinson

I think Tajh Boyd may have done 2 sigs as one of them is smeared but not sure on those ones and one other one on the same panel, bottom right.. D something

I did save screen shots, whatever I could print off Topps website under my prizes won so I had some proof this thing is legit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, approx value on the football? Plan on throwing it on eBay unless somebody here makes a realistic offer.

Thanks in advance


image2 (2).JPGimage3 (2).JPGimage4 (2).JPGimage1 (2).JPGimage1.JPGimage2.JPG


Super Moderator
Feb 13, 2009
DeAnthony Thomas
Patriots QB Garopollo I believe is the spelling
AJ McCarron
Teddy B
Jordan Matthews
I think Benjamin, I think you have this down as Mack so you are probably right

and I can't figure out who is under West

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