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hof'rs rcs, gu, and auto ft

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New member
Jul 4, 2019
i have several lots of hof'rs cards to thin out. i would prefer to deal these out in whole lots if possible, either in sale or in trade. . if buying you can make an offer on the lot and i will accept the best offer, if trading i will accept what is offered that i consider is best for my p.c. either higher bv rcs or autos.

KEN GRIFFY JR RCS=1989 donruss 33x2, bowman 220 , fleer 548x2 , score 100t
2004 upper deck tools of the stars ken griffy bat ts-kg-reds uni
2014 topps rookie class of 1989 commemorative class ring ken griffy jr. cr-23

CHIPPER JONES RCS=1991 score 671, upper deck 55, topps 333x2, 1992 topps top prospects 551
2015 topps commemorative first home run medallion chipper jones fhrm-cj
2016 panini pantheon 1500 rbi club chipper jones bat 77 #/199
2012 topps chipper jones gold world series champions pin gwsp-cj
2003 upper deck spx winning materials chipper jones jsy/jsy/base wm-cj1 #/250
2003 upper deck game face gear chipper jones jsy/jsy (10) gg-cj
2007 upper deck sweet swatch chipper jones jsy sw-cj
2008 upper deck sweet swatch chipper jones jsy ss-cj

GREG MADDUX RCS=1987 topps traded 70t, 1987 donruss rated rookie 36 x4
01 fleer platinum greg maddux nameplate jsy #/180
03 leaf se greg maddux away jsy A-1
2016 diamond kings diamond deco greg maddux jsy/jsy/bat/bat dd-gm #/25

JOHN SMOLTZ RCS= 1989 upper deck 17 , 89 donruss 642, 89 fleer update u74, score 616, bowman 266, topps 382x2
2006 sp authentic signs of the times john smoltz auto st-js #/75
2008 sweet spot signatures ball red & blue stitch red ink john smoltz auto #/291

TOM GLAVINE RCS=1988 topps 779x2, 88 fleer 539 , 88 score 683 , 88 donruss 644x2, 88 bowman 267
2008 upper deck premiere tom glavine auto 17 #/25
2005 donruss prime patches tom glavine jsy/jsy/bat/bat p-25 #/150
2004 donruss diamond kings tom glavine jsy/bat 120 #/100
2004 topps all-star stitches tom glavine jsy asr-tg
2002 topps fall memories tom glavine jsy fm-tg #/1000
2002 upper deck star tribute tom glavine st-tg

BRIAN MCCANN RC'S= 03 bowman 260x3,03 toppscrome&reg t209x2, 03 total 986, 03 heritage rainbow
03 bowmans best brian mccann rc auto bb-bm
08 masterpieces brian mccann auto cc-bm

MANNY MACHADO RCS=2011 platinum xfrac bpp83, 2011 bowman bdpp80, 11 bowman top100 tp54,
2010 bowman chrome usa-bc10 x2
2011 bowman platinum manny machado auto bpa-mm

2012 hank aaron retired numbers commerative patch (44)rn-ha
2000 just minors featured albert pujols ap3-pre rookie

2010 panini gridiron gear game breakers peyton manning jsy 9 #/250
1999 collectors edge of tenn.-peyton manning hologold game gear-football patch-pm
2012 panini authentic andre branch rc auto 138-jaguars
2002 pacific crown royal triple threads bryan Gilmore jsy, chris greisen jsy, Arnold Jackson jsy, cardinals
08 ud premiere limited edition fred taylor 44 #/35-jaguars
2015 donruss gridion kings larry fitzgerald 268-blue letter#//134

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