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How many cards can you fit in a small flat rate box?


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Apr 24, 2013
Selling team lots on ebay, each is about 250 cards. Can I fit those in a small flat rate or should I put them in another box? If so where can I get some boxes to perfectly fit about 200-300 cards?
Thanks in advance!


Jun 17, 2009
Gamecock Country
the small flat rate box is the method i've used for years and i can tell you , it depends upon the type of card involved.....if you're talking older base material , you can safely make stacks of approximately 75-80 cards each and have just enough room to have them secured between cardboard (i have my card in team bags taped to the cardboard and then have the cardboard taped together making a nice sandwich).....you can fit 3 stack in a row with no problem or if you're careful you can fit four stacks in a rectangle (like the four stacks in a wax box)....when making 4 stacks , you SHOULD also have a little space left around the cards within the sandwich (very little on the long sides but about an inch or so on each end) which can be filled with bubble wrap to help ensure the cards don't come loose and move around withing the box (also provides a bit of extra shock absorption)...

if you're talking chrome or other similar card the numver in each stack will drop to around 55-60....

for stuff like flair , triple threads base cards , "thin" relics , or other similar thicker cards you can drop that number down to like 30-40 per stack....

as long as you aren't shipping out too many thicker cards , i'd say you should be just fine on lots in the 250-280 range....
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