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How old is vintage?


Active member
Sep 24, 2016
Mystic, CT
For me it's less about the relatively to the year we are in and more to when printing processes changed I'd say anytime pre1975 is safe to be vintage late 70s still feels a bit more modern. 1980, even though it's almost 40 years old already, will never be vintage in my mind. Vintage for cards for me is more process related than age.


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Sep 24, 2016
Mystic, CT
I'm not sure if all states do this but Connecticut has a "classic car" license plate. If a car is 20years old, I think that's the cut off, someone can pay the price for the designation and put a "classic car license plate on their car. It's kinda cool for a 50's Chevy Bel Air, not so cool when some yutz puts it on a 91 Honda...which I have seen.

Maybe I just have a hard time imagining the era i grew up in being vintage or classic...


Active member
Sep 26, 2008
The Riverlands.
I believe it's pre 1980 as well, however, there are cards produced afterwards that will become vintage as time rolls on. Griffey UD, Frank Thomas NNOF, Jeter SP, etc.


Super Moderator
Aug 17, 2008
Near Philly, PA
I'll say pre 1981.

IDK if that's what everyone is referring to in their posts, but IMO, the 1980 Topps set, a great set with a great base RC, was the last vintage set...


Active member
Aug 7, 2008
Depends who you ask. I have been calling 1973 the cutoff. The last year Topps issued cards in several series. The line doesn't move relative to the current year. But I prefer the way comics define eras, Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze/Modern (aka Chromium) Ages and so on. Lets you draw lines at fairly-well-agreed years/events that don't need redefinition every decade.


New member
Oct 1, 2008
1981 Topps cards look and feel vintage. And are almost 40 years old. The case can be made for up 1989 for printing process.

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