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I’ve got $200 to spend on braves cards.


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Nov 8, 2008
Like the man say's :D Ain't gonna get rich on that stock. :p
I've made 63% on my shares. Better return than a Acuna Jr. auto rookie that one might have purchased in the secondary market rather than pack-pulled to have a lower cost basis for calculating the return.


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Oct 6, 2014
Modesto, CA
Let me know if your interested in this lot for 170 dlvd.
Wright bowman chrome purple auto 205/250
Touki Refractor auto 130/499
Waters green debut auto 25/99
Touki chrome blue 34/150
Dansby chrome is a Refractor
Soroka Gold 49/50
Wright debut orange 12/25
Clark red paper 1/5
Dansby USA 24/99
Gorhara orange paper 8/25
Sobotka green 9.5/10 36/99
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Aug 7, 2008
Seattle, Wa
Nothing crazy exciting, but I have these available. The 2017 Bowman Platinum Albies RC is from a 2019 Transcendent VIP Party silver pack 6/6 and the top left Acuna is a chrome refractor:


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