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In the process of acquring a grail


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Aug 12, 2008
The story behind this transaction is quite incredible. While waiting in line for the national on Thursday I met an autograph collector in line. He's from Buffalo and while we got talking about our collections he asked me if Hank Greenberg had a Goudey card with a green background. I told him yes of course that's his 34 Goudey rookie card. He remembered that he might have had one of his signed, and I immediately perked up and told him that if he found it I will be a potential buyer. We exchanged phone numbers.

Friday rolls around and I am browsing the show and I see The Collector I had met the day before. He told me that he was fairly certain that he had the card. He was also certain that it was not good condition and was afraid of what I might think of it. I told him I didn't care about the condition of the card and I really wanted to see it if in fact he had one.

Saturday morning I get a message from him which included a picture of the card. It was in fact trimmed and autograph was light but I didn't care. It was a Hank Greenberg signed rookie card. He told me that he wanted to do a cash and trade transaction, however it was difficult to place value on the card because it was turned in autograph was light. If the card were in decent condition and the autograph was not faded, the card could be worth anywhere between three and five thousand dollars.

I showed him a picture of a PSA DNA certified autograph of Hank to replace the one that he would be trading to me, which he liked a lot. He then asked me how much it would be to be a good deal for cash. I told him $300. He said, “300 is too much, how about $100?" I nearly fell on the floor. He is a true collector, and was not interested in making a buck off of me. Another thing that struck me was that he liked my autograph better because you could see it and it was not faded. He really left a lasting impression on me and I can't wait to get the card soon. The scan is below.



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Aug 7, 2008
Awesome and congrats! When you mentioned faded I assumed it would be hard to see. That still looks great!

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Jan 19, 2010
This is a perfect example of beauty in the eye of the beholder. There is almost always a home for any type of card. I like vintage signed cards, but prefer them to be unaltered and the signature to be in good condition. I don't chase really rare or expensive items too, which helps with the budget. I probably would not have even looked twice at that for my collection, but it sounds like it found a home for life in yours. Congrats.


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Sep 24, 2016
Mystic, CT
I've never been to the national, but most things I read and the general sense I get is that it's strayed far from the original intent and the thought of profit rules everything there. This is a great story and I hope there are many more like it from the event.
It's like watching the news I guess, only the crappy stuff gets reported regardless of how many great things take place.
Congrats on the pickup, thanks for sharing!


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Aug 7, 2008
Seattle, Wa
What a great write up and addition to your collection Brian! That's pretty great to still be able to experience that kind of hobby excitement through a conversation with that guy. Glad it worked out for you both, and it sounds like the memory already vastly outweighs the value for you both.

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