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Interest in 90s type group break?


Jan 27, 2014
We have numerous player collectors here but I'd vote to do it so it's by team and random. We can take time to trade teams before the actual draft. There is about 100 different players to break down seems like a lot of work rather than just 30 teams.

The breaks I've joined you buy slots 1-30 and use random.org to randomize it 3 times. We all know big hits are slim to none and this is being done mostly for fun. To pay big money for Griffey or Jeter isn't worthwhile imo.

I've been eyeing that metal case myself. I busted one from him a couple years ago, pulled 2 linchpins and 5 pmgs.
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Jan 2, 2013
I can tell you [MENTION=11245]Joey_peapod[/MENTION] , although I appreciate the suggestion, that's not how any break I run will be done. We've ran 3 in the style im speaking of and had fun. If someone else wants to lay out the thousands to run it in a different way, I'm all for it. And regarding the Metal case, it's funny how it gets mentioned and it seems everyone is watching it. If someone wants to grab it and break it, I would be in for Clark or Rangers Team (would split w others if they want)... Anyway in the times I've ran it w Andrew, I will never please everyone, but I do think those who have been in have fun at a decent price for lots of opportunity.


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Jan 16, 2011
How would this break be run? Would it be a random slot, then pick your player kind of deal, or is it a set price per player? Like the Griffey slot is $100 and the Paul O'Neill slot is $30?

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