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Is it worth it???


New member
Jul 20, 2013
Got an estimate from Beckett on a 50 card submission. I know that slabs raise the value of the card if they are returned at a high grade, but I have NEVER done this before personally so I'm a little hesitant to do so.

Most of my cards are bowman chrome autos. 45/50 are certified autos, which tacks on an additional $2 per card.

Here are the purchasing details:
20-day @ $9 per card
Returned shipping $20
Return insurance $1-1000 $9
Certified auto surcharge $2 per card
A "Purchasing fee" of $25
And since I'm a first customer, they give me $50 off
So in total, it's going to cost me $544 to get 50 cards graded

I have the following Bowman Chrome cards lined up to get graded:
Blue /150: 2
Blue /250: 2
Refractor /500: 7 cards
Base: 32 cards
The rest are miscellaneous certified autos (the majority being the bowman chrome certified)

Please leave your advice as to what you would do in a similar situation. Are the base cards worth getting slabbed? They are decently high end prospects - Heaney, Biddle, Olt, Walker, Edwards, etc. I'm getting the blue and refractors slabbed for sure, but with the base cards, the $544 is a daunting number and I don't want to get caught up in the moment and just send them in because I have them. Thanks everyone!

Also have the option of doing a BGS submission on this website, but it's still going to cost me $500


New member
Aug 7, 2008
If it were me, I'd only do it of I felt all adds in question would be at least 9's and if I could turn around and sell a good handful of the base to recoup my costs and sit on the rest. If this doesn't seem like a possibility then no.


New member
Aug 7, 2008
See what the base sell for raw vs slabbed on ebay and see if it's worth the gamble. Also, make sure you know how to check the cards condition. I rule out the off centered cards 1st then check the cards surface for scratches and then corner dings. On paper cards, look for edge chipping.

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