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Is shipping with tracking these days just a given?


New member
Aug 12, 2008
I recently purchased a high dollar card on eBay. The seller offered free shipping, which i was appreciative of. The seller marked the item as shipped, but didn't provide tracking information.

I asked him if there was any tracking information he could provide for it. He responded with, “I'm not sure, let me check. Thanks."


It made me question if the card was even insured, or even shipped in a bubble mailer? Am I off track here?
Aug 7, 2008
Tampa, FL
Tracking is automatic unless he isn't shipping through eBay, which considering the discount I'm not sure why he wouldn't. When I don't see a tracking number I assume I'm getting a PWE. Have had a couple in the last few weeks unfortunately.

Dec 4, 2008
I do pretty heavy ebay volume. Under $50 I don't do tracking. Envelope with computer paper, top loader, taped securely for flats. I have a better track record of it arriving and at $.50/ea vs $2.50 for padded mailer with tracking it's a no brainer. Even under $50 multi card or game used in a bubble envelope with postage is still $1 vs $2.50.

Not going to live in fear of not providing tracking on everything when it doesn't make business sense. Over $50 I generally will do tracking, and over a couple hundred dollars will opt for insurance, especially when dealing with new people.

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