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July 2019 acquisitions


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Jan 15, 2010
southeast Alaska
I pulled the Sale /15 from Leather and Lumber, think Alex asked you about it, but I may redeem it, that set actually looks halfway decent
they do look pretty nice.
Yeah Alex sent me a text. as of right now I'm only trying to grab the new names that haven't appeared on these types of cards before. Decent list but they aren't showing up


Apr 24, 2013
Nashville, TN
A few pickups to shareCal Ripken Jr 2000 Fleer 2000 Double .jpgJohnny Mize 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Immortal Signatures.jpgPreacher Roe 2001 Fleer Genuine Names of the Game Autograph.jpg

and a few football too

TK Legacy Autograph Earle Bruce.jpgDwayne Haskins 2019 Panini Luminance Draft Day Photo Variation Autograph.jpg
The Haskins is the photo variation with green ink. Not sure how many were made, but I haven't seen another


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Aug 14, 2008
I am partial to his 2005 Prime cuts but [MENTION=3934]Calripkenjrcollector[/MENTION] NICE postmarks Silver 1/1. I am still looking for mine- found the Signature Gold before I found the base of any-- go figure :confused: Think a lot of those boxes are still waiting to be cracked open !!!!

Anyways the whole reason I'm posting in the pickup thread is I actually picked up a card [MENTION=1802]Pinbreaker[/MENTION] has been holding for me for several years
My first Ultimate 2004 add in a long while-- down to needing just 5 cards and 3 are multi-player items # 10 or less
Sorry can't show the back its at BGS getting protected right now


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