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Kirby Puckett Collectors Thread

May 28, 2009
Yeah, I was aware it was the same one too. I was hoping a Puckett collector got it last time around. I’d love to own one of these, but just can afford this one the second time around. My last bid was much closer to getting it the first time around than where it’s currently listed. =(

I hope a Puckett collector gets it this time around!
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May 28, 2009
Anyone see this 1993 Barry Colla Postcard before? I hadn’t before it popped up on eBay and I snagged it. I didn’t even have it listed on my want list until I added it today. The back is what’s back different from the standard 1993 BC postcard. This one is associated with “The Because We Care Program” with the rest of Puckett’s family.


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