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Kirby Puckett Collectors Thread


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May 28, 2009
COMC. Sometimes I go weeks and months with no purchases. But...

Since getting back into this hobby in 2015 COMC has been a great visual resource, and it's been good for a few deals.

This is an instance of the consigner and the COMC identifier not knowing what they had as it was listed as just a 1995 Score Gold Rush. Elated and surprised to cross this off the list and have it in hand.


Great find Matt! That one doesn’t pop up often.

I agree with everyone else about the other posts. Wild to see some of the recent prices especially on these quicker flipped items.

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May 8, 2019
Cincinnati, OH
Here is a fun new project I have recently completed of Mr. Puckett. It is a 5x7 piece that I created a replica 1985 Topps sheet to place over my original artwork. (I have not attached the cover to the art board yet.) This 1/1 piece of artwork is available for purchase. ($125) Contact: [email protected]


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