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Sep 30, 2009
Marlton NJ
Yes he was a great man. People who are addicted to drugs are not bad people as they have a disease. now lets break this down. He had Lorazepam in his system when he crashed. what is Lorazepam? "Lorazepam is used to treat anxiety disorders and seizure disorders." sop he was taking a medication for anxiety and Im suppose to think he is a bad guy for this? This drug has been know to make people want to kill themselves. I don't want to think that's what he did but we will never know.
So I ask you. What in that article would you say makes him not a great man?


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Aug 17, 2008
Near Philly
Don't have much on any of the HOFers.

But was a HUGE "Moose" fan, was sad he went to NYY. His '92 Gold Leaf Rookies was once a "Must have"! :eek:

Here's my non-base ROYs:



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