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My Signing Bonus Collection


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Aug 11, 2008
Searcy, Arkansas
Just got these 7 in today. The first six were from the same seller. I had worked out a deal, and paid, for 5, but he added the black Beuhrle to the package. The black Beuhrle is my second of that one.

Ended up paying a little over $14 total shipped for each one.

This puts me at 73 total, with 64 non duplicates out of a total checklist of 313 and that includes all 1/1's and cuts.

Adam Dunn #10 /10

Vlad Guerrero # 23/150

Luis Gonzalez # 125/125

Mark Buehrle # 103/200

Mark Beuhrle # 32/200 grey

Dave Parker # 124/150 white

Paul Lo Duca # 4/16 white
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Apr 7, 2012
Northern Kentucky
Really great collection you have there - and nice deal on those new pickups. This is the only one I have of Larkin - I've seen the one #'d/50 a couple times. Never seen the one #'d/11.


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