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My Sports Art Thread


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May 8, 2019
Cincinnati, OH
In 1989, I sold my first Beckett Baseball Magazine at my baseball card store (The Dugout) in Fairborn, Ohio as a sophomore in high school. This January, I am pleased to announce I will have a tiny spotlight on my sports artwork in Beckett magazine. As you might imagine, I am very excited for the opportunity to share my artwork with a much broader audience. Earlier this year, I was also added to Beckett’s Sports Artist Team, and have a gallery of my work on their website. Also in 2021, I will have the opportunity to sell a few pieces of my artwork directly through Pristine Auction. We have been told the art issue will hit the market around January 4th if not sooner for regular subscribers. So thank you to everyone that has helped to support my career and cheered me on along the way. As some of you probably have heard me say, I decided in the second grade that I would either be the Reds’ centerfielder or an artist. Those of you that played sorts with me along the way know one option had already passed me by early in my high school career, ha! So luckily, I was able to continue to work on my art skills, was blessed to study under a few amazing art teachers and worked at my drawing skills nearly everyday since. To all the teachers that were frustrated with my non stop doodling in class, well I had a plan all along… ha!


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