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Official Basketball Player Collectors List

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New member
Oct 31, 2010
Vancouver, WA
Hi there...I am new to the site, but am very glad I found what looks to be a very great board!

I currently collect Brandon Roy, Dante Cunningham, Brandon Jennings and Wesley Mathews Jr...

As for trading I have a crap TON of stuff people have listed on the previous 4 pages including:

Rudy Fernandez Prestegious Pros Gold Jersey 50/99
Kobe Bryant Prestegious Pros Green Jersey 34/499
Russell Westbrook Prestegious Pros Green 176/499
Connie Hawkins Bonus Shots Gold 225/249
Connie Hawkins Old School Auto 56/100
OJ Mayo Season Update Rookie Challenge Prime Patch 1/10
Oj Mayo Season Update Rookie Challenge Jersey

And the list goes on and on....so hit me up if I listed something you want!

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