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Official player collectors list

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New member
Oct 9, 2008
I thought I was already on the official list but I guess not...

Chone Figgins - Nimster
Gary DiSarcina - Nimster


New member
Dec 7, 2008
Boston, MA / Longboat Key, FL
Capuano - baseballguy350

brewerandy just made a deal moving the rest of his Capuano to me. I'm over 50% completion now!

Background - Capuano was my camp counselor when he played in the Cape League in the late 90s. Great guy, with a nice family.

I am ALWAYS looking for more Capuano, but my "top 3" would be:

1. Any Superfractor
2. 2007 Triple Threads Logoman
3. 2007 Sweet Spot Parallels

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