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Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3


Jan 27, 2014
More specific to the seller and all the controversy surrounding items they have auctioned off, some I believe were clearly proven to have been trimmed. I believe there was also some other funny stuff, such as them knowingly selling altered cards, as otherwise they are consigners and could play the ignorance card. Again, there is plenty of info on the various card sites to become more fully educated. I may not be 100% accurate on my recollection of the specifics, but it was big enough news to make me question that seller if I had my eye on something they were selling.

Frankly, I didn't read to deep into any of it because it is not a market I delve into, but if you are a buyer of graded cards, then it is something that should at least be on your radar.

This card may be just fine, but the chan
No offense directly to you but speaking in general these type of comments have a negative impact. First and foremost pwcc is a consigner. So even if they literally trimmed the cards themselves it’s psa who is responsible. Secondly reading all blowout articles it’s 80% vintage. Knowing the card is the best way to avoid Beind duped. For Instance knowing 96 certified most people know corner and edge issue aren’t the issue, it’s surface. Plus these have a peel. So unless your kids got into your collection and played fisbie corner and edge wear isn’t the usual issue.


New member
Nov 26, 2014
Please explain these reported actions of this bidder on that Jeter auction
Changed ID right before, during, after the auction ended then changed back again .
Someone please tell me what I as an outsider should have thought.
And let's just say my husband did his homework and went thru EVERY auction they had and copied every screen and auction that bidder participated in.
Why I don't know, but he spent an awful long time on something so "innocent".



Active member
Aug 7, 2008
Very tough issue. Always loved these. Assume this is a duplicate for you, Brad? If memory serves me these weren't distributed like the other versions. I think these were only issue in some sort of retail bag of assorted cards and packs. Nice catch, took me decades to land the Ozzie.

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