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Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3


New member
Apr 4, 2020
I personally love them and remember trying to acquire them from the "Pinnacle" guy selling them a few years back. I hope you got it at a good price.
I keep looking at that epix season emerald of Mike, but I always hesitate with it not being an officially released item. it's like buying peel cards without the peel. just doesn't feel right imo. but great looking designs on pretty much all of those unreleased cards.


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Aug 7, 2008
New York
1995 Fleer Promos. I only learned about these just a few weeks ago! Didn't know O'Neill was included. Maybe I haven't looked closely enough in the past to realize. Looking through my existing collection and doubles I was disappointing that I didn't have one tucked away. Afterwards, I found a few listed on eBay, but didn't want to shell out the full price hoping I would stumble across one.

However.....today, a few weeks after my initial search, while I was sorting out my autographs I was surprised to find my only O'Neill TTM auto was signed on one of these Promos! Only differentiating factor is the second box around 1991.


Not rare, but one of those lost treasures only a player collector can appreciate.

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