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Panini Redemptions


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I pulled a redemption back in December of 2010 for a Mike Green Auto Patch /5 and redeemed it. It still says initial request and pending after 8 years. Sent a request asking what was going on a few years ago, never got a response, just that the request was closed. I've tried calling and just get the "leave a message and we'll call back or continue to hold" and then the line disconnects. No response to emails either. So has anyone had any luck contacting Panini about missing redemptions like that?


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Jan 28, 2018
I've never done a redemption. Sounds like one big scam to me. Someone really needs to file a class action suit to combat this corruption.


New member
Have you tried messaging them on Facebook? I've heard a lot of guys have had better luck this way getting someone to help fix their problem. I'm guessing that the card never got made, for some reason, or another, so once you establish contact with a Panini rep, be prepared to ask for a replacement card comparable in value, and have a list of a few players you'd like as the replacement, Good Luck! :D:

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