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Nate Colbert 17

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Aug 10, 2008
I give it a solid "meh", although I did enjoy the chants of "Thank you, Strowman" after the Reigns beat-down.

Random thoughts...

Glad to see Enzo & Cass get a win

Are we seeing the start of a Miz/Finn Balor feud?

Jericho/Owens was the best match of the night.

The heel turn of Sheamus and Cesaro was underwhelming.

I was surprised Bayley dropped the strap in her hometown.
(Face turn for Alexa as she faces my would-be girlfriend, Nia Jax?)

Seth Rollins' never-ending knee injury can only be appropriately called by Jim Ross. :)

The House of Horrible Writing Match was horrible...Jinder Mahal? Really?
(I think Bray's next feud will be with Dean Ambrose and will culminate in a "Who Has Had Their Character Mismanaged the Most" match.)

Please stop trying to make Roman Reigns happen...it's not going to happen.

Super Mario

Active member
Mar 1, 2009
Mushroom Kingdom
My ongoing WWE Payback commentary.....

I think this announce team is absolutely awful. I just don't like Booker T on commentary, but when Otunga gets back I'll probably long for the days of Booker.

Im digging Kevin Owens new shirt. I'm really surprised that Jericho went over Owens. It will be interesting to see what happens with that. I could see someone like Baron Corbin taking the title from him on Tuesday.

Neville still does nothing for me. I was really hoping that would change after his heel turn, but it hasn't. Austin Aries is fantastic though. He's playing the tweener part fantastic right now. He's great at being the 'good guy' in the situation, yet still being as arrogant as a total heel. These two worked really stiff throughout the match, which was good to see. I don't like the bull**** ref bump ending to the match though. But I think there's no reason to change the title on a RAW pay-per view. I think that should be a 205 Live thing. It would make that show feel more special.

Is it too late to send Sheamus and Cesaro to Impact? That's the Superstar Shakeup I want to see. Future Endeavor these asshats. Sheamus is awful in every aspect except perfectly spiking his mohawk, looking like he's on steroids, and blocking me on Twitter. And Cesaro can't stay healthy. He's like the Tyson Kidd of getting injured. Anyone else notice every time Matt Hardy does anything Broken related that the camera cuts to the crowd immediately? It's annoying. I think Jeff Hardy and Naomi have their tops made by the same person. I love the crowd chanting 'sweet' after every two count. Little things like that are why I love pro wrestling so much. I think Cesaro made Matt's eyeballs bleed with that swing. I was kind of hoping for a Cesaro Swing to Jeff where he let go of him and just threw him through the ropes to the floor. Jeff's crazy enough to go along with it. Thank God the Hardy's won. Sheamus better pay for Jeff's dental bill. It was nice to see Sheamus and Cesaro lose their **** on Matt and Jeff after the match. The smooch-fest week after week was getting annoying. I would have preferred it have been the other way around, but it was better than nothing.

Alexa vs Bayley? Meh. I don't believe either one of them can work very well. At least Alexa's awesome on the mic and has a great character. Bayley can't talk very well, and is bland in the ring. But hey, she's a hugger, and has the wacky wavy inflatable tube arm guys. Oh, and headbands. Might as well put her in the HOF now. If Braun doesn't put Roman through all 43 foreign announce tables later in the show I'm going to be real upset. I'm not going to lie, I fast forwarded to the end of this match. I'm glad Bliss beat Bayley for the title. That's two title changes on the show so far. Bayley loses the title in her home town. Not looking good for Randy Orton headed into Money In The Bank in his hometown of St. Louis. It would be great to see Jinder Mahal beat Orton for the title in St. Louis. Although Rusev said he's not showing up on SmackDown unless he's granted a World Title shot at MITB.

Now it's time for the pre-taped House of Horrors match that was filmed in the middle of nowhere Missouri a couple weeks ago, nowhere near San Jose, California. So we're supposed to believe they're wrestling in a God damn house outside of the arena, then they're going to make their way inside? Missouri to San Jose is quite the trek. I'm perfectly capable of suspending my beliefs for the enjoyment of pro wrestling, but this ****'s too much for even me to handle. Randy should have borrowed Cowboy Bob's cast for this match. Remember when HHH went to Randy Orton's house and threw him out the window? That's what this reminds me of, only poorer, and with music. Why does Orton keep getting stuck with the house gimmick? I keep waiting for Michael Myers to show up with a knife. I wonder what the neighbors are thinking while this is going on, and how much WWE paid the owners of this house? So, we're supposed to believe this match is in the parking lot of the arena, right? This is really dumb. Just when it was starting to get good and Orton was about to hit him with a frying pan, Bray with the low blow. Son of a *****, Wyatt just flattened him with a refrigerator! And now we're off to the arena. Thankfully the crowd is booing when they cut back to the announcers. Okay, good. They're going to have another match while they wait for Wyatt and Orton to return to the arena. That makes it much more believable......

Joe vs Rollins up next. There's just not a whole lot I'm excited for going on at this PPV. I never noticed Seth has a prison tattoo on his left wrist. Rollins needs to put the blonde streak back in his hair. I wonder if all the other Samoan's in the pro wrestling business are mad at Joe for gimmick infringement? He's like literally the only one that's not related to the rest of them. I think Nia Jax and Joe wear the same size ring gear. Just imagine how big their children would be if they reproduced together. Corey Graves with a Stipe Miocic mention during the match. Calm down Corey, these WWE fans aren't ready for your UFC references. Does anyone else find it weird that we're supposed to believe that Bray Wyatt is allegedly traveling to the arena right now in a limousine? Doesn't seem like Bray's style. Anyway, Joe throws a lot of punches. Punchy McPunchFace would have been a good name for him had WWE decided to change it. I think there's been around 943 Flair chops during this show already. This is the least Californian crowd ever, not a surfer dude in sight. Is San Jose the butthole of California? Rollins is talking really loud while calling the match. I can hear everything he's saying. Nice Knee Capper by Samoa Joe, that's a pretty cool move. Joe nearly botched his powerbomb, nice recovery into a pin attempt and then into the half Crab. Joe's actually looking like he's in much better shape these days. I was hoping there would be a bigger finish to that match. That was really quick and unexpected, I would have preferred some big spot if Rollins was going to go over Joe.

And Bray's limo has arrived back at the arena. He's still physically exhausted for some reason. Apparently riding in a limo is rough. Orton's back and attacks Bray from behind, somehow fully recovered after I'm guessing bench pressing the fridge off of him back at the house. Thank God the Bollywood Boys are here! Words I never thought I would say. And there's Jinder! Jinder Mahal literally just saved this **** show. Bray wins, and that was absolutely ridiculous. I'm thinking Orton and Jinder are going to have some sort of gimmick match where the title is suspended above the ring. Judy Bagwell on a pole holding the title match, anyone?! That would make just as much sense as the House of Horrors match.

Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns is up next. I smell chaos. Braun's the biggest face in the building. Didn't take long for Braun to slam Roman on one of the foreign announce tables. This match isn't doing much for me. I'm just left thinking that as soon as it's apprent to the fans that the rocket is being strapped to Braun's back, they're going to turn on him so fast. He's so green.

There wasn't much that excited me about this show. It was just a decent Monday Night Raw.



Active member
Nov 4, 2009
I enjoy Alexa Bliss and Bayley match. They told a psychological story with her using DDT to finish Bayley off. House of Horrors match was complete Wrestlecrap trainwreck. At least they use it to hard sell the push of Jinder Mahal. I'm glad they kept Strowman strong destroying this big dude 75% of the crowd can't stand.

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