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Jan 19, 2010
I don't think Garvey has logged 1500 "official" cards yet, but with the ACEOs, customs and other card-like items, I am easily well over 1500 individual and unique items. I honestly couldn't tell you how many cards he has registered. It's got to be somewhere between 1000-1500 though, best guess.


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Aug 7, 2008
I just updated my spreadsheet and find I have passed 1500 Grady Sizemore cards. This does include things like Moments and Milestones with the different numbers on the same cards and UD Documentary with only the game dates changed, along with things like the 2008 UD SP Legendary Cuts Memorable Moments 1/1s of which I have 14. But they're all unique cards in some respect, and I'm counting them. I've checked ebay nearly every day for almost 20 years for Sizemore stuff. That's kind of amazing to me how it's become just one of those things I do along with getting coffee. There's not a lot I've missed off ebay, but every day I am hopeful something I don't have will appear.


Aug 7, 2008
My Jeter collection has hit that. As of March 2016, the last time I did inventory, I was at 1746. Since then I know I have added at least another 500 between COMC buys, new card releases, and gifts from fellow team collectors.

just like baseball we might need to up this to the 3000 club and 5000 club.

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