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pretty ticked, but thats what i get submitting it blind


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Aug 7, 2008
Fredericksburg, VA
I pulled an opcp platinum emerald auto /10 of patrik laine on epack and subbed in blindly from comc. it hasn't come back into my account yet but it was graded about 10 days ago and is in the pop report. im really hoping they're just really behind and this is someone elses. but seeing that its /10 its likely mine. guess ill be popping it when It comes in. :(

Centering - 9.5
Corners - 9.5
Surface - 7.5
edges - 10.0
Final grade - 8.5

on a positive note, my red prism Matthews auto /50 appears to have gemmed.
Ouch. I wonder what the issue was. I don't know how epacks work so I gotta ask...did you get to see a scan of the card or anything? (Not that that would've necessarily helped you determine whether to sub or not as surfaces are trickier to inspect than edges/centering/corners from a scan.)

Still, what an awesome pull even at an 8.5!


New member
Aug 28, 2008
When you open a pack you get a scan of "supposedly" the actual card. You can have it mailed to you or sent to COMC.

I collect Chet Lemon
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