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Question on 1993 Finest Promo Refractors


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Mar 22, 2015
Lafayette, Colorado
Hi all -

Looking for info from anyone who owns one of the three 1993 Finest Promo Refractors (Mattingly, Ryan, or Alomar). I have the Alomar in my collection, at least I think I do. What I mean is, there seem to be two different "refractor" versions floating around, with the difference being the refractive coating itself. One is more of a dull look, with rainbow colors but not a high glossy shine. The other is much more glossy, with almost a liquid-looking coating, just like the pack-pulled non-promo refractors.

I don't have a good pic of mine handy, but it has the dull finish. It looks kind of like this:

1993 finest ryan promo refractor.jpg

The "shiny" one looks like this:

1993 finest alomar promo refractor.jpg

So for anyone who has one of these promos, which do you have? The dull kind or the shiny kind? Or better yet does anyone have any info about these differences? I had assumed the promos all had the dull finish, and it was a pre-production sample released to show the general idea while they still trying to perfect the technique (which they did). But if some later promos came out with the real finish, that would make a legit variation. Alternatively, is one or the other a counterfeit? Seeing the prices these things command, counterfeiting is definitely a possibility.
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