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Rickey Henderson Collectors Thread

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New member
Jul 19, 2020
Interesting I too have a '99 masterpiece. I had heard there were more than one (replacement back doors) but interesting to see them together.


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Jul 19, 2020
1 of 1.... of 2? (WTF Fleer??!?!?) I don't have the 1998
Any chance you have any of these as dups you're willing to part with
11999Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor/25
21999Ultra Platinum Medallion SC/50
31999skybox universe precious metal gems holographic foil/50
42003Topps Chrome Traded Uncirculated X-Fractors/25
52003Topps Black/52
62000Stadium Club Chrome First Day Issue Refractors/25
71999Fleer Tradition Starting 9/9
81999Upper Deck Exclusives Level 2/10
92001Upper Deck Exclusives Gold/25
101999Upper Deck MVP Super Script/25
112001Donruss 2000 Retro Stat Line Season/37
122002Topps Chrome Black Refractors/50
132001Donruss 1999 Retro Stat Line Season/66
141999Upper Deck 10th Anniversary Team Triple/100
152001Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity/50


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Oct 17, 2021
Southeast US
Hi! I have a question for you guys, if you don't mind helping me out. Here's a short backstory. Twenty-five or so years ago a friend who owned a sports card shop gave me box of miscellaneous baseball cards. Neither I nor my young son were into collecting cards so the box was put away untouched, and forgotten about. I recently ran across it again and decided to go through it to see what was there. In that process I found a unique looking 1992 Donruss #193 Rickey Henderson card. The typeface on his name looks different from the names on the other Donruss cards in that set. The corners of the silver metallic lettering on the Rickey's name are rounded kind of like a bubble font, instead of angular. It also looks like the press put down too much of the silver metallic ink as the letters touch each other and the little holes in some of the letters are filled in. I've been researching this for a week now and haven't been able to find out anything about it. I even reached out to a well-respected Ebay card seller and he told me he wasn't familiar with the variation that's on my card. Have you guys seen anything like this before? Is it worth anything? The card is in excellent condition, having lived in a box for over 25 years. I've put it in a sleeve to protect it, just in case. Thank you!


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Feb 18, 2012
Kansas City
I am no expert on variations and printing errors, but I would think the above falls more on a print error side of the house vs. a true variation. 90’s cards were filled with print errors every year due to sheer quantity produced. That said, my assumption is that while the card is fun and unique, the value just isn’t there beyond what somebody is willing to pay for it. Just my opinion.

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