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RIP Phil Niekro


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Oct 25, 2012
Tough year for the Baseball Hall of Fame continues.

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Jan 19, 2010
Not to minimize things, but it seems to me the HOF is getting stingier with their elections. It stands to reason that with fewer new members elected in the future (and not all of them are 5 years out of baseball either), more guys are getting to that age range (in larger groups) until the numbers balance out to reflect the lower population of living HOFers. The HOF population is likely getting older on average, as fewer younger guys are joining the ranks.

I guess what I am saying is that 2021 may not be any better for living but aging HOF members! If one does not officially exist now, I'm sure somebody has made their own, a list of living HOFers by age. It would be interesting to see where the oldest guys rank by age.

Despite this obviously crappy year for most, it can be easy to forget that guys like Steve Carlton, Sandy Koufax, Jim Palmer, Brooks Robinson, Gaylord Perry, Wille Mays, Hank Aaron and guys to some of us feel like just retired (not really, but compared to the likes of Williams, Ruth, Dimaggio, etc) are all getting up there in age, at least in their 70s or 80s by now. Palmer is 75 now and probably the youngest of the group I listed. All but Koufax, Mays and Aaron were still active players when I started collecting annual Topps cards!!

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