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Rotten eBay luck lately


New member
Aug 12, 2008
Purchased two cards in November, one was shipped, tracking number says delivered, but I don't have the package. It's been two weeks so I've opened a case w/ USPS.

Regarding the second card, seller is retired military, and needed to be out of town to due some duties asked of him. Totally understanding and giving him time during Thanksgiving, I didn't have a problem with it. He hasn't responded to my last 3 emails regarding the status of the card, even when he told me it'd be shipped the morning of 11/28. I bought the card on 11/19 and paid same day.


Sorry for the rant, but OY


Well-known member
Aug 7, 2008
Lake in the Hills, IL
I've had the Topps/R&N China Mark Grace coffee mug I bought "damaged in packaging," but got a refund.

Then 2 cards I've been patiently awaiting from Canada Post for 30 days (gave seller benefit of the doubt and waited since coming from Canada) never arrive. Finally emailed him and "oops, I forgot to send them."

Sorry about yours, mine weren't really big deals in comparison.


New member
May 19, 2010
Re :The card that says delivered. If the usps carrier used the newer scanner, it can "geolocate" where the carrier scanned it and possibly misdelivered it. They have gps on them. Then the carrier can go back and get it for you, or possibly you get it yourself. Depends on if you are comfortable with your neighbors and don't want to trust that carrier. Good luck!


Well-known member
Jan 16, 2011
Sorry to hear it! I've had a bunch of sellers ship thick GU cards in PWE lately, and the cards arrive creased. Then, they try to defend their decision to charge me $3 shipping and send in a PWE.

I paid $3 shipping, which I was happy to do, but I expected a damn bubble mailer and a crease-free card!


Well-known member
Sep 30, 2009
Marlton NJ
uggg.. reminds me of years back upper deck promised me a nice redemption card. they changed it from a 40 dollar card to a 150 dollar card, they said they shipped it and I received it but I got nothing so they sent another. then they said I received the second. Even signed for both and told me that mail fraud is looking my way. I asked for all the info and they sent it to me. here they were sending it to the wrong address. I even went to the house they sent them too. Then they said they cant send me that nice card and just sent me junk. never even said sorry for threatening me with mail fraud even though it was them screwing up. I then had to file a B.B.B. claim....

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