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Aug 14, 2008
Was a wee bit busy this weekend but did get this in on Saturday- my 3rd 2007 SPA By the Letter Auto added this year !!
For this year have added an N in February, a Y last month, and now this R.



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Jan 16, 2011
I got some killer deals lately.

2001 UD Vintage Timeless Teams 1975 Cincinnati Reds Jersey

2001 UD Vintage Timeless Teams 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Bat

2011 Topps Heritage '62 Mint Jamie Moyer Penny (I think '62 is when he started pitching... ;)). I actually pulled this from a few random packs I purchased.

2000 UD Pros and Prospects Auto/Jsy Luis Gonzalez

This was a cheap, fun pickup. I love this set. It's sort of a side project I hope to complete one day. I saw the Jeter go for $350. What a steal that was!

2010 Topps Heritage Dice Back Alex Rodriguez

I will spare you the tons of scans of Topps Heritage chromes and refractors that I also snagged. I'm sitting at 132/200 2009 Topps Heritage Refractors since I picked up a huge lot.


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Aug 7, 2008
La Jolla. CA
Great start to the month guys!!!

Came home from the Dodger game last night to a full mail box...

Scan_20180829 (16).jpg

Scan_20180829 (14).jpg

Scan_20180829 (24).jpg

Scan_20180829 (23).jpg

Scan_20180829 (20).jpg

Scan_20180902 (2).jpg

and the biggie....

Scan_20180829 (21).jpg

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Aug 7, 2008
Few pickups:

Lineup cards from Game 4 & 5 from the 2001 NLCS. D-Backs clinched the Pennant on the way to their only World Series.
2001 NLCS Game 4.jpg
2001 NLCS Game 5.jpg

Not a card, but a different kind of collectible. This is an original drawing by Garth Williams from Little House on the Prairie

Little House 44 45 (2).jpg


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Apr 23, 2011
Warwick, RI
I've wanted this card since I first discovered it in the Big Beckett at some point in the 90's. Finally managed to land one at a good price:


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